Redefining Intelligence In The Age Of AI

Though all industries will become digital, smart, and rely on the power of the cloud, the most difficult jobs to automate will be those that quintessentially require higher-order thinking.

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This article was originally published on Forbes Middle East

Smart City Urban Planner

In an interconnected world abound with the Internet of Things, smart city planning is bound to get very exciting and meaningful. We can expect to see the future generation aspiring to become smart city urban planners in order to benefit their communities by tapping into multiple data points that they will have access to. A planner will use data from autonomous vehicles and the IoT to improve traffic flow, enhance sustainability, optimize safety, and improve the overall experience of city-dwellers.

AR & VR Experience Designer

Individuals with an artistic bend can choose to combine their love for art with technology to create mind-blowing Virtual Reality experiences. In the future, as industries like retail, healthcare, construction and education incorporate VR tech, we’ll see a lot more VR and Augmented Reality (AR) architects than now. A VR experience designer, for instance, may combine his/her love for treating others by creating virtual worlds where individuals suffering from paralysis can happily travel around the globe or experience the rigors of physical exercise.

Biotech Engineer

Specializing in things like gene therapy, genetic engineering, and neuro-hacking, biotech engineers will be those individuals who have the ability to help you upgrade your biology. In the future, you may expect to not only make a regular visit to your local doctor, but also to your local bio-hacker who can, for instance, add a nano memory drive to your organic brain for more storage.

Robo-ethicist and/or Technology Advocate

Though we seldom run into modern-day philosophers today, students interested in ethics, morals and philosophy may see a hopeful future full of exciting jobs and career paths. They will spend time mapping solutions for how humans can co-exist with machines in an automated world. We’ll need thought-leaders who can analyze current and future trends and then help draft legal solutions to these. Solutions can include, for example, proposing educational and upskilling opportunities to workers in industries that are ripe for disruption, or determining whether or not our operating systems, that display human-like traits, shall have civil rights.

Autonomous Vehicle Customer Experience Specialist

In an age of driverless cars, we may encounter frustrated passengers who require care and attention, or who simply want to enhance and customize their AV experience. Customer success lies at the core of any product or solution. So, in order to enrich the experience of these passengers, we can expect to see an uptick in individuals who specialize in AV customer experience — as consultants, experience enhancers, researchers, or simply support technicians.

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